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Choosing, Using & Repairing Binoculars
by J. W. Seyfried

Choosing, Using and Repairing Binoculars

Featured book, now in its second big printing! With over 55 technical illustrations and photographs, just about every question regarding binoculars is answered.

Here at last is the definitive text on binoculars, designed to help you become an expert on binoculars and how to use them. In the past, most "guides" to binoculars were little more than collections of manufacturer's literature bound into book form. Dr. Seyfried has pulled together over 45 years experience in the design, production, and repair of porro prism binoculars. 172 pages.

$19.95 ea

by Richard Suiter

This computer software program figures your mirror's wave length accuracy by inputting Foucault Tester zonal readings. Includes disc and booklet. PC/DOS/Windows format.

$19.95 ea

How to Make a Telescope
by Jean Texereau

How To Make A Telescope

This 424 page book covers the Foucault test in great detail. Our Foucault Tester was patterned after the one described in this book.

$24.95 ea

Build Your Own Telescope
by Richard Berry

I recommend this book if you are building a scope out of common materials with hand tools. For the first time builder. 240 pages.

$24.95 ea

Advanced Telescope Making Techniques, Volumes 1 & 2
by Allan Mackintosh

Volume 1 covers the topic of Telescope Optics, while Volume 2 concentates on the Mechanics of Telescope Making.

Volume 1 - Optics $24.95 ea
Volume 2 - Mechanics $24.95 ea

Amateur Telescope Making
by Allan Mackintosh

Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Volume 1 $24.95 ea
Volume 2 $24.95 ea
Volume 3 $24.95 ea

The Dobsonian Telescope
by David Kriege

The Dobsonian Telescope

A massive "Bible" covering every aspect of big Dobsonian construction and use. Even if you are not going to build one of these "giants", a very informative and entertaining work. 496 pages.

$29.95 ea

Telescope Optics - A Comprehensive Manual for Amateur Astronomers
by Rutten/Van Venrooij

Tons of answers about telescope optics: Which are best? Why? 374 pages.

$24.95 ea

by B. Gordon

Sort of a pre-CCD astronomy craze work, still the best book for film photography. It helps you figure out the correct exposures. 244 pages.

$19.95 ea

Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes
by Richard Suiter

Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes

This is the book every telescope manufacturer hates in that it tells you exactly what is wrong with the optics and collimation. 376 pages.

$34.95 ea

Binocular Astronomy
by Crossen/Trion

This is the only book on using your binoculars for astronomy you will ever need. Better than any other binocular/astronomy book in that it has Trion star charts. 224 pages.

$24.95 ea

The Year Round Messier Marathon Field Guide
by Harvard Pennington

The Year Round Messier Marathon Field Guide

I love this little book for finding Messier objects. A must! 194 pages.

$24.95 ea

Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing
by Richard Berry

656 pages.

$79.95 ea

Choosing & Using a CCD Camera
by Richard Berry

96 pages.

$29.95 ea

Uranometria 2000.0 Observing Guides

Urano Metria 20000

The ultimate highly detailed star atlas to 9.75 mag.

Northern Hemisphere $49.95 ea
Southern Hemisphere $49.95 ea
Deep Sky Field Guide $59.95 ea

Night Sky Observer's Guide
by Kepple/Sanner

The Night Sky Observer's Guide

If you are limited on how much you care to spend on observing guides, get these! These are the only ones I am using right now.

Autumn & Winter $34.95 ea
Spring & Summer $34.95 ea