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Dear Folks:

Welcome to our new on-line catalogue!

Well, it's been more than 45 years since we first offered our products in Sky & Telescope magazine and I believe the only other firm that has been around longer is Edmund Scientific. We both must be doing something right.

As you look over our equipment you will see some new and innovative ideas, namely the O.P.O. line of orthoscopic planetary oculars. But on the whole, you'll find the same solid, time- proven eyepieces and telescope making parts for which we're famous.

The Konigs first appeared in the early 60's, so they can now take their place beside orthoscopics, Erfles, and Kellners as true "classics." The Konigs were the first of the modern wide-field oculars. When we first coined the phase "porthole into space," we knew it wouldn't be long before the term would be pilfered and used by the competition.

This brings me to another point. I talk to thousands of you on the phone and get the impression the media has given you the idea that you have to spend a fortune to get exceptional performance in an eyepiece. Well, quite a few years ago while serving in the military a bought an expensive watch in a navy P.X. in Southeast Asia. You'd know the name, the most famous brand of watch in the world. For a young 1st Lt., it was quite a chunk of change in those days. Well I still have it and once in a while I wear it. But to tell the truth, my $125 Swiss Army watch keeps far better time and on top of that, it's guaranteed water resistant even if we place it on the deck of the Titanic!

Our basic Abbe orthoscopic will give you better detail on Jupiter than most of the ultra expensive "designer boutique" eyepieces out there. In eyepieces, like watches, you don't always get what you pay for. If you want the "flash," you have to part with plenty of cash.
We pledge to continue helping young people build their first telescopes and expand their interest in astronomy with our telescope making supplies. For those of you at a more advanced level, you simply cannot go wrong with our extensive line of quality telescope oculars and accessories.

J.W. Seyfried