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80mm MasuyamaNEW!

Convert your long focal length telescope into a rich-field instrument!

Masuyama 80mm 3" Ocular
(Both sides of the Masuyama 80mm)

Photos by Barry Gooley and Kokusai Kihki

This massive 80mm focal length ocular opens a new viewing experience for large refractors and Schmidt–Cass owners.

The striking celestial views remind one of viewing through a similar aperture dobsonian telescope. The 3" format goes far beyond any current 2" ocular, allowing low magnification and wide–field view.

The Masuyama 80mm features a unique 3 element design producing excellent image sharpness from the center to the edge of field. Viewing through a C–11 at 35X yields over a 1.5° AFOV.

At a 52° apparent FOV, the huge image combined with the amazing lowered magnification creates a feeling of a much larger area of space being viewed than the number 52 would suggest.

Each hand–made Masuyama is carefully manufactured in Tokyo. It is fully tested before shipment and has a serial number. Presently, there are less than 25 units available. All air–to–glass surfaces are multi–coated. A large "tire" around the bottom half of the eyepiece is covered with a rubber rollet for a secure hand–hold for this massige 3.74 lb. eyepiece. The unit stands 212mm tall.

Carrying Case Included

80mm Masuyama
$2303.00 ea PPD

3" Star DiagonalNEW!

Own a large Schmidt–Cass?

We have a 3" star diagonal to offer this rich–field experience to owners of these popular telescopes. The mirror diagonal includes a 3" sleeve adapter that screws onto your scope. Slide in the star diagonal, then the Masuyama 80mm and tighten all the screws.

3" Star Diagonal
$520.00 ea PPD