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  2" Oculars
WS 70 & 80 Degree 2" Oculars
Wide field experience at less than $100!

WS 80 Degree 2" Ocular

These beautiful new oculars give you a wide field experience at less than $100!  They yield the same visual experience that you get in oculars costing $300 to $400.  All models use high index glass and are fully multi-coated.  5 to 7 element lens systems.  Fit and finish are now approaching Japanese standards.  Unbelievable performance at down to earth prices.


WS 15mm 80 Degree Field $74.95 ea
WS 20mm 80 Degree Field $99.95 ea
WS 30mm 80 degree field $89.95 ea

70 Degree 2" Ocular

These new 2" O.D. 70 degree oculars replace our famous Konig series so popular with astronomers through the years.  Holding the 38mm in your hand, you would swear you were holding an ocular costing $200 or $300 dollars!  And to be truthful, two or three years ago, it would have cost $300!  Exquisite large lenses are camera quality sparkling with multi-coated optics.  I have never seen finer quality machined aluminum components.  Optical quality?  The wide field images leave nothing to be desired be it an F/4.5 or F/10.  Fold-down rubber eyecup.  Rubber checked grip-ring.  Available in 26mm, 32mm, and 38mm.


70 Degree field - 26, 32 or 38 mm $89.95 ea
2" 45 Degree Erecting Prism - NEW!
This new 2" prism gives you a correctly oriented image

2" 45 Degree Erecting Prism

The large BAK-4 Penta Roof prism allows comfortable viewing on refractors and Schmidt-Cass telescopes.  Beautifully machined of aluminum with bright black anodized finish. Full multi-coating. With 1-1/4" adapter. All fittings are brass compression type to avoid scratching your oculars. We have seen similar units with suggested retail prices of nearly $300!

With the weak dollar, we cannot hold this price for long!


2" 45 Prism $169.95 ea
NEW! 32mm Wide Illuminated 2" Ocular Just In!
Be the first in your club or institution to own this valuable teaching tool

32mm Wide Illuminated 2" Ocular

Over the years we've had many requests for an illuminated crosshair 2" O.D. ocular. Finally, the clever craftsmen at SWA solved the problem. I just opened the air freight container and they are beautiful!

This is our popular 32mm 70 degree eyepiece mated to a variable intensity illuminator. Fully multi-coated optics and a rubber eye guard rount out the package. Now you can easily point out those elusive nebulae and galaxies to friend at your next star party.

Be the first in your astronomy club or educational institution to own this valuable teaching tool.


2" 32mm Illuminated Ocular $129.95 ea

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