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University Optics H.D. Orthoscopics

"With University Orthoscopics, you don't just get what you pay for, you get 3 times more than you pay for."

University Optics H.D. Orthoscopics

Through our long association with kokusai Kohki (over 50 years), we are now able to offer the full line of these remarkable Japanese orthoscopes. No other design, regardless of price, can equal the lunar and planetary detail the Abbe 4–element formulation provides

As with all high–quality Japanese optics, all air–to–glass surfaces are multi–coated, reducing light loss and internal reflections to an absolute minimum. They featue blackened lens edges, chromed brass barrels, are threaded for 1 ¼" filters, and are parfocal.

The 4mm, 12mm and 25mm are University Optics branded. The other sizes are presently branded as Fujiyama. This mix will change as inventories are adjusted. All are crafted by Mr. Masuyama, and are identical in every respect. Mr. Masuyama is the most experienced orthoscopic lens maker in Japan, going back over 60 years.

Available in: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm.

H.D. Orthoscopics
$95.95 ea

82 Degree OcularsNEW

Better than a Konig?

82° Ocular

You don't have to spend $200 to $300 to get a high–quality 82 degree ocular. When I first looked through this UWA 16mm ocular, it reminded me of our legendary 16mm Konig. I think there may be some improvement here, though.

Both the 7mm and 16mm have 7 elements with full M. C. coatings. They are parfocal. They feature a nuce twist–up rubber eye–guard complementing the 12mm eye relief. Two lens caps in a nice gift box.

Available in: 7mm and 16mm.

82 Degree Ocular
$139.00 ea

80 Degree Oculars

Proves that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get that "porthole into space" experience!

80 Degree Ocular

Five-element design with 9mm+ eye relief. Blackened lens edges. Full multi-coatings. Only 2-3/4" tall. Captive bolt case. Great new pricing!

Available in: 11mm and 16mm.

80 Degree Ocular
$59.95 ea

70 Degree Oculars

The latest addition to our 70 degree lineup!

70 Degree Oculars

Five elements in 4 lens groups yield a beautiful panoramic view of the heavens. Full multi-coatings blackened lens edges, rubber eyecups, and captive bolt cases round out this package. The best part is the price!

Available in: 10mm, 15mm, or 20mm.

Wide Scan 70 Degree Ocular
$59.95 ea