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  1 1/4" Oculars
University Optics H.D. Abbe Orthoscopics - Phase II
"With University Orthoscopics, you don't just get what you pay for, you get 3 times more than you pay for."
University Optics H.D. Abbe Orthoscopics - Phase II

Yes, we are back in production of the exquisite H.D. 4-element Abbe Orthoscopic oculars that have earned an outstanding reputation over the years. In cooperation with our associate firm Ohi Optical in Japan, these Phase II oculars reach new highs in optical performance. The new refined multi-coatings, introduced in late 2013, produce the brightest, sharpest images ever! Some of you may remember Ohi and University Optics introduced the first multi-coated telescope ocular over 50 years ago. The lenses in our famous Circle-T "volcano top" orthos were an Ohi product.

If you're looking for oculars so wide you can see both of your ears in the field of view, these are not for you. I, on the other hand, you are after scalpel-sharl lunar and planetary detail, these oculars will equal or exceed the performance of any 5 to 8 element ocular on the market costing three, four, or five times as much.

Specifications: Field of view: 43.5 to 47 degrees. Parfcal. True 4-element Orthoscopic design, Full multi-coating. Blacken lens edges. Smooth chrome on brass barrels. Standard threading, Winged rubber eyecup. Made in Japan. Available in 4mm, 6mm, 12mm, and 25mm.

University Optics H.D. Abbe Orthoscopics - Phase II $95.95 ea
University Super Abbe Orthoscopics
High performance Orthos at Reasonable Prices!
University Super Abbe Orthoscopics
Newest addition to the University orthoscopic lineup.  The orthoscopic design is superior to the Plossl for lunar and planetary study.  Beautiful black anodized machine work threaded for color filters.  Fully multi coated with rubber eyecups.  These reasonably priced oculars will become your "workhorse" when you want a sharp, clear image.   Available in 4.8mm, 7.7mm, 10.5mm, 16.8mm, and 24mm. 
University Super Abbe Orthoscopics $59.95 ea
New 70 Degree Oculars
The latest addition to our 70 degree lineup!

70 Degree Oculars

5 elements in 4 lens groups yield a beautiful panoramic view of the heavens.  Full multi-coatings blackened lens edges, rubber eyecups, and captive bolt cases round out this package.  The best part is the price!


Available in 10mm, 15mm, or 20mm.



Wide Scan 70 Degree Ocular $59.95 ea

Dear Sirs,
I received the 20mm Wide Scans oculars that I am using now in a binocular viewer on a 10" SCT F6.3. Out of this world in all aspects! I almost I forgot my spacesuit, because I really was floating far out there between the galaxies. Finally I found real oculars...
Best regards,
G. B.

New 80 Degree 11mm Ocular - 16mm Ocular
Great new pricing!
80 Degree Ocular


This excellent new ocular proves that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get that "porthole into space" experience.  5-element design with 9mm+eye relief.  Blackened lens edges.  Full multi-coatings.  Only 2-3/4" tall.  Captive bolt case. 





80 Degree Ocular $59.95 ea
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